13 things every football player should know

13 things every football player should know

With football being the greatest sport in the world, it’s no wonder that you want to take part of it. However, you need to learn that football is more than just trophies and travelling around the world. There is always a struggle right around the corner, but also triumphs waiting to lift you up. 

To be able to handle the baggage that comes with being a football player, Foothills Spring Kickoff has prepared 13 things you need to know to help you out in your journey. 

Develop a strong sense of passion

Just like everything, it all starts with a dream and passion. A sense of belief and drive that allows you to become whoever you want to be and do whatever it takes to do it. As an aspiring footballer, this dream and passion to do it are what will help you.

Then once you become an athlete, it’s best to learn to keep that passion. As many of life’s challenges start to get to you, it’s best to develop the willpower to stand up and try again. To many, maintaining this hunger is what challenges them and makes them quit. 

Be a different athlete by overcoming everything and everyone that tries to stop you from achieving your maximum potential and goals. 


It’s not enough that you have passion and drive, you must also be willing to grind. As one of the most physically demanding sports out there, training is an absolute necessity to be a footballer. There will be days when your body just wants to break down on you or perhaps you may feel you don’t want to train. 

These pains are some of the challenges in obtaining your dream of success. So in the event you feel like you don’t want to train, that’s when you train harder. That when you practice the discipline and hard work needed to succeed, you’ll run far as a footballer.

Find a support team

No matter how tough you think you are, you need to find a support team. A support team can either be your teammates, friends or family. Regardless of who consists of your support team, they need to be those whom you can trust and understand what you’re going through. 

With the many trials and tribulations you’ll find yourself as a footballer, you need to go find those who can support you no matter what. Once you do, the load that you’re carrying in your athletic dreams will feel lighter and you can go higher, further and faster. 

So take the time to assemble a support team who can be there for you and be a person they’d want to be with. 

Follow SMART goals

Like every football player with a dream, you may be saying ‘I want to be the best footballer!’ Though this is a wonderful dream to have, it’s a little vague. How are you going to accomplish this dream? When? For how long? 

For a better goal-setting process, it’s best to create SMART goals for you to follow. For those not in the know, ‘SMART’ means ‘Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time-bound’. Once you create SMART goals, you can better set your expectations as an athlete and follow through with certain actions better. 

In this case, a possible SMART goal about a footballer could be ‘A great football player (specific) that runs around the field for 20 laps (measurable) to build endurance (relevant) every Sunday (achievable) starting next week (time-bound). 

Once you develop this kind of specific and measurable goal setting, you can achieve anything—in and out of the football field. 

Develop a diet

One of the many mistakes of athletes is after doing intense reps and training, they eat a huge and unhealthy meal because they’re tired. 

This is not ideal since it’s counterproductive to the training that was just finished and at the same time, it makes them absorb unhealthy food that may not be easily burned through your training. You wouldn’t want this to happen as it will make you unfit to battle it out with the enemy team. 

So before putting that Big Mac into your mouth, keep on reminding yourself of what you want to achieve as a player. Yes, the pain of disciplining yourself may be painful, but nothing is worse than feeling the pain of regret when the coach forces you out of the team. 

Additionally, eating less is also wrong as it stops you from obtaining the right amount of energy needed in this high-intensity sport. No, the goal is to eat right and not less. For when you eat right, you’re able to be light enough to run around but strong enough to overcome attacking players. 

Master the basics

Like any beginner, you may get too excited about doing more advanced moves and skip the basics. Though your enthusiasm will lead you to great roads to success, it’s still best to master the basics. This is because if you’ve learned the basics, you can accomplish even some of the most advanced move sets. After all, you won’t be able to accomplish them well since their building blocks are the basics.

So be sure to take the basics by heart, since they’ve been known to save you in many games. Also, some players find themselves in a losing position after making a beginners’ mistake. You don’t want this to happen, right? Then take the time to master the basics. 

Be readily equipped

Whether it’s the shoes you’re using or the proper mindset before, during and after you’re playing, it’s always best to be readily equipped with the right tools. If not, you may not be able to practise properly during training or find yourself distracted or out of control during the game. 

To avoid mistakes and potential problems, write down a checklist that guides you in having the necessary tools you need to succeed. It makes the process easier and it gives you a sense of alertness and foresight needed by any and all athletes. 

Keep an open mind for advice

There is a lot of advice you can get out there. From the coach himself, inspirational athletes like you, to even people who are younger than you. So always seek out advice and the world will reward you with a lot to help you become the player you want to be. 

Once you find great advice, take note of each of them and look over them as much as you can. After all, the great advice you may find may help you and your team to win the game you’re playing and become a champion.

Take part in training camps

As mentioned above, dedication is key to success. For you to do this, you need to take part in specialized training camps that allow you to grow your abilities. Sure, you may become more tired, but a little extra sweat and hardwork is key for you to succeed.

While some of your teammates may be relaxing and losing the muscle and skills they’ve accumulated over the months of training, you’re grinding to get stronger and become more efficient. So if you’re tempted to take an extended break in football, know that you won’t have the competitive advantage you have over the enemy team. 

Stay consistent

Once you’ve done a large amount of training, it’s easy to say ‘I’ve done enough training. I want to lessen it.’ Unless you’ve been feeling unwell, there’s no real reason for you to have less training. This is because success is predicated on consistently following a set of good habits. 

When you stay consistent, this means continuing doing exercises, warm-ups, skills and of course, the proper mindset to be able to do them all. So if you want to be the best football player out there, it’s all about small, consistent action every day. Keep on doing these activities and you’ll always be at your best. 

Don’t rush for results

As you go through a myriad of training sessions, you will go through a lot of pain, but still grow through the process. However, like many things in life, results sometimes don’t come when you want it. 

You may fail a lot of times and it may seem that nothing’s working out. However, all you need is to just give it time, persevere and keep on believing in yourself. When you do, results will naturally come through and you will be an excellent team member in the near future.  

Recovery time is important

Working hard is incredibly important! That as you train your body to physical perfection, you become a better player day by day. However, you need to realize the importance of recovery time. Since overworking your body can lead to disastrous results that can leave you hurt or heavily injured. To avoid this from happening, always remember the importance of recovery time. 

Stay motivated 

There will be many times where you will fail. From not thinking about certain tactics sooner, to forgetting your basic training at the worst possible time, defeat is always around the corner. 

However, even if that’s the case, it must never stop you from staying motivated. For when you give up and falter, you’ve let these tragedies win and your dreams remain that, dreams. So never give up and keep on pushing yourself even in the darkest times. 

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