15 benefits you can get from becoming a football player

15 benefits you can get from becoming a football player

With football being one of, if not the most, popular sport in the world, a lot of people aspire to be a football player. If you’re one of those people, then you’ve come to the right place! For today at Foothills Spring Kickoff, we’ll be giving you 16 benefits of playing this incredible sport.

Gives you thrills 

Who doesn’t love the thrill of being in a large football field? That as the wind blows through your hair, you feel like you’re flying as you try to win the game. Pair this with the exhilarating feeling of outrunning the enemy team, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience you’ll always long for. 

More international friends

As the most popular sport in the world, you are sure to have a lot of friends all over the globe. That no matter the culture and background, everyone can be united by a single, black hexagon-designed white ball. Which is rare because not all sports can do this! 

So while you’re abroad, especially in European countries, it’s best that you take the time to play with other football players such as yourself. Trust us, you’ll create a lot of great memories and have incredible cultural exchanges. 

Encourages competitiveness

When there’s no competition against other teams, it’s easy to not be competitive. Since there’s no threat to overcome, you may have found yourself not striving harder. Fortunately, this sense of competitiveness and purpose will be given to you once you become a football player. 

That as you have to combat more skilled players, you’d want to be a better player than them. Thus allowing you to develop your desire to build a competitive advantage in not just football, but also the many aspects of life. 

Makes you physically fit

From proper diets to intense workout regimens, you’ll be physically fit as a football player. This is because you’d need to stay strong to not fall apart during matches. This is accomplished by stopping you from consuming the usual junk food and excess meals you may have been having while you weren’t a player. Or perhaps you’re eating less, and not right, causing you to be malnourished. 

Finally, it gives you the much-needed exercises you don’t get often as you sit around all day doing nothing. Overcoming these vices will surely help your life better as football teaches you to exorcise them from your life, permanently. 

Sharing is encouraged

As the saying goes, there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. That unlike in your personal life, you now have a role and duty to ensure the whole team does things cohesively. From learning when to give someone the ball to guiding others to succeed in-game, internal competition is immediately eliminated. 

Additionally, your mindset must never be ‘I should be the one to win the game’ as this ends up breaking the strategy the coach has set for the team. It must always be ‘How can I help to win the game?’, to ensure that everything you’ll do will guide you to success. 

Remember, your only competition is the enemy team, never your fellow teammates. 

Communication is made better

Proper communication is never really taught in school. Yes, the languages are taught incredibly by the teachers, however, proper handling of the languages are mostly learned on the fly. 

Due to this, you may have experienced a lot of issues with the people around you. Thus causing failed projects, plans and at worst, broken relationships. Fortunately, these issues will surely go away as you learn football. 

This is because as you learn communication skills, you’d be able to express yourself better. With communication being an essential part of being a football player, you need to develop it so you can properly follow and give commands to other team members. So if you’re looking to be a better communicator, it’s best to learn football.

A feeling of being an essential part of a team

To many people, they feel like their life amounts to nothing and that no one really cares for them. That in this state of brooding loneliness and low self-worth, they’re not able to appreciate the greatness life entails. Perhaps this person was you before you became an athlete. 

Thanks to this sport, you become a strong and essential part of the team. In many games, you’ll be playing a part that only you can do! That because of your individual strength, you’re able to ensure victory to the team.

Meanwhile, you’ll feel a sense of belonging as you create strong bonds with your teammates. That in many trials and tribulations, you will find brothers or sisters in arms as you run your way to victory. 

Stronger bones

As an athlete, your coach is also your nutritionist. This is because as they teach you the right meals to eat, you’ll get stronger bones that will be your advantage for your matches. With the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins introduced into your system. Thus allowing your bones to absorb these nutrients and become stronger. 

Then as this diet is paired with the right strength training, bone-related problems such as brittle bones and broken joints are fought much better. 

Better Neuromuscular coordination

One of the biggest effects of playing football is your stronger control over your body. Neuromuscular coordination is developed when your central nervous system gets more and more used to telling more complex commands to many of your limbs. Playing football will surely do this to you. 

That as you and your teammates take part in many exercise regimens, your mind and body have better connections with one another, allowing you to move faster and make more complex actions during playtime on the field.

Superior work ethic

Like many sports, football gives you a superior work ethic. That as you improve your stamina, legwork and proper mindset, you’re forcing yourself to become a better version of yourself. 

That through your many triumphs, you’re finding yourself more inspired to become better and better so you can reach more milestones. On the other hand, failure also builds your character up! That as you learn from your mistakes, you strive even harder than what you can originally do. 

Superior self-esteem

Since you’re now a part of a team and given a role that only you can do, your self-esteem grows three sizes as you become a football player. That for every time your teammate gives you the ball or you’ve become the reason why you’ve won the game, a superior self-esteem develops within you. 

In these moments, the rush of the happy hormone, endorphins, rush throughout your system. Allowing you to combat the depression you may be having and let your life become more fun and exciting.  

Stabilizes mindset

For non-athletes, it’s incredibly common to have a cluttered mind. With so many thoughts at the same time, but none of them is taken seriously or have actions taken. Before you were an athlete, this may have been your problem as well. 

Fortunately, this cluttered mind goes away as a football player. This is because in the heat of the moment, you’d have to make the right decisions. This is because if not, it can lead to the other team winning. 

Once you’ve got a more stabilized mindset, you’ll be able to make better decisions even in your life outside of the game. Allowing yourself to succeed in more ways than one. 

Encourages resilience 

Once again, your time before you were a football player may not be the most ideal. That when problems arise, you may find it easier to simply give up. However, once you get to wear the shoes of a football player, you will be overcome with a strong sense of willpower. 

That when challenges arise, you’ll face it head-on and kick your way to victory. That not even the greatest leg cramps, fatigue and other uncomfortable sensations can stop you from accomplishing your life-long goals. 

Develops problem-solving skills

Once you’ve been equipped with the right mindset, your problem-solving abilities will be superior. This is because in the field, you’re never prepared for anything that can come your way. From stronger opponents, a sense of fatigue, to a teammate you have to cover, you become trained in the heat of the moment to make the right decisions. 

This is not an easy feat! You will surely fail a lot, but in your many downfalls, you’re actually building your way to triumph. So as a player, learn as much as you can, stay motivated and eventually, you’ll be making the best decisions for all your problems. 

Brand-new skill

One of the best things about being a football player is that you get to learn a brand-new skill. Learning something new is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures, so once you learn football, a great sense of accomplishment is achieved. 

With this in mind, you’re actually going to have more feelings of accomplishment. This is because learning football is to learn multiple skills at once. From mind-body coordination, a stabilized mindset and so much more, you become smarter and smarter as you play this incredible sport. 

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