5 things every football player should bring during games

5 things every football player should bring during games

With your incredible coach who believes in you, always bring the right equipment during practice so you won’t disappoint him. Additionally, not being well-equipped becomes a hassle to you and your team since you can’t practise with them. 

To avoid continuous disappointment and allow you to execute plans, always bring the right equipment with you. Today at Foothills Spring Kickoff, we’ll be discussing each of these items to help you out.

Practice uniform

Once you’re there at practice, always bring a practice uniform. Not only does this help you get used to wearing a uniform, but it also allows you to move properly. Since the materials in these uniforms are meant for a full range of movement, you can follow the plans during practice properly. 

Should you opt to wear some random clothes in your room, these may hinder your opportunity to practice. Then, when you’ve missed out on wearing the right clothes enough times, you’re out of the team for a certain time. 

After all, how can you play when you can’t execute the plan? So always bring with you your practice uniform at all times.


When going outdoors, the sun’s rays could sometimes be too intense for you. Yes, the sun is rich in Vitamin D and can keep you strong, however, too much of it is dangerous. Problems like sunburn, dehydration and even skin cancer are very common under these situations.

Fortunately, you can combat these skin issues once you’ve had sunscreen with you. There are a lot of SPFs out there, but according to many types of research, you should bring SPF-15. 


Football isn’t basketball, so your favourite rubber shoes are not going to be useful here. What is useful, however, are cleats. Known for their long-edged soles and heavy interior cushioning, cleats allow you to run faster, keep your ankles protected and upright throughout the game. 

Since football is all about maximizing your feet, get the best you can afford to ensure maximized running experience by buying good shoes.


Like many sports, you would surely lose your breath and get tired as you play football. Pair this with the intense heat of the sun, you are sure to get dehydrated. When this happens, you’ll not only lose your breath, but you may also fall apart because of a lack of hydration. 

So when going out to practice, and even in actual games, always have a bottle of water readily available to you. 

Game uniform

Once practice is done, it’s time for the actual game! Like the practice uniform, your official uniform is a must for the game. Like the practice variant, you need it for better mobility and so teammates can find you during the game. 

This is an absolute must to bring! Forgetting to bring your uniform can cause you to not even play the game at all. So always double-check if you have this inside your bag.

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