Raising the next generation of players

Foothills Spring Kickoff: Raising the next generation of players

Football fans, rejoice! For we at Foothills Spring Kickoff will be giving you some of the most exciting games you’ll ever see. Showcasing local talent, you’d be witnessing the birth of future football champions that the world will love. 

For the past 10 years, we showcase the local high school and college football games. In this short decade, we’ve seen a lot of triumphs, redemptions and beginnings of a lot of incredible players. 

These events are then streamed online for everyone to enjoy and witness the history of many rising stars! Garnering thousands of views, we were able to grow our viewer rate as more and more people want to see the games.

This remarkable achievement could not have been done without the love and support of football fans! That’s why today, we’ll be sharing how we’ve been able to serve you well through our mission, vision and most importantly, core values. 


  • To showcase some of the best local football games to millions of people. 
  • To create helpful blogs that help football players and their coaches.
  • To help aspiring teams get more attention to potential sponsors. 
  • To help sell each team’s merchandise and keep their operations ongoing.


Help the development of young football players’ careers through live events and online streaming of their games to broadcast them to millions of people around the world. 

Core values

Mission and vision statements, though inspiring, are sometimes hard to commit to. That’s why to keep us on the straight and narrow, we’ve set up these core values for our team to follow. 

Presence of mind

Without this, all our processes will fall apart. After all, once we’ve forgotten even the smallest part of our systems and processes, we can’t set up the events for local players. If we’re not careful, we may not even be able to record the events for people to see.

That’s why to ensure everyone in our team has a presence of mind, we’ve had multiple people overlook all the processes involved, from streaming, event set-up and the contacting of local teams. 


Sports is something everyone deserves to view and enjoy. That’s why for our differently-abled sports fans and those who don’t speak or understand English, know that there are ways for you to enjoy the event. These services are English subtitles and sign language so that people can understand what’s happening. 

Passion for the games

We know how much you love watching the games! So to ensure you’re getting the maximum experience, we employ technologies that give you high-quality viewing experiences. We also employ close-ups and great music so that certain events in the game are more epic than ever! 

Love for the teams

We know the hard work players give to make the most out of their games. That’s why we support all of them in these big events. That way, they can keep on doing what they love and help them reach their dreams. 

For when we do, potential sponsors will discover them and finance their operations for bigger, international opportunities.

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